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Just the FAQs

Entered November 5, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about
The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac

Q: Why don’t you stick to music and pop culture instead of
including all that other historical stuff?
A: It provides context.

Q: How come your celebrity birthday listings aren’t confined to
actors and musicians?
A: TV & radio personalities, high-profile politicians, sports stars,
and leaders in various other fields are also celebrities.

Q: Why isn't this more youth-oriented, catering to young people?
A: Because everything else is! Youth is served here, just not first and foremost. More importantly, what's "mature" is not ignored.

Q: How come many of your music trivia questions seem really easy?
A: They’re not designed solely for the minority of those among us
who are trivia experts.

Q: Will we ever be able to access random dates?
A: Someday. Maybe.

Q: Are you making a ton o’ money from this site?
A: Nope.

Q: Why are some of the names in red?
A: It indicates they are Canadian.

Q: Why are some of the names in blue?
A: That indicates she’s the day’s Birthday Babe (unless she’s Canadian, then it’s in red).

Q: For the birthdays, why do you show only pictures of women?
A: It’s my site, and nothing gets my heart working overtime like the sight of a beautiful woman! And really, aren’t they all??

Thanks for visiting this site and my Almanac.