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It was one helluva ride, my 50 years in media.

In television, I was a station manager, writer, producer, program host, on-camera sports anchor and occasional fill-in news anchor and weatherman.

In print, I had a brief run as a syndicated columnist and was a newspaper writer and editor before that.

Radio was my first and most enduring love. I was VP/COO and one of four owners of a 10-station group (two stations in each of Nashville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Utica and Portland, Maine), and at various times was a general manager, program director, group program director, production manager, music director and, most often, a music show host. In the latter role, I got to ply my trade in great cities like New York (four years), Chicago (16 years), Toronto, Detroit, Seattle (5 years), St. Louis, Pittsburgh (4 years), Cleveland, Portland, Providence and Albany.


As you can imagine, that career and its demands left little time for family and any kind of personal life. I’m trying to make up for it now in retirement, giving greater time and attention to four grown children and five grandchildren. Quite purposely, I live in Canada, blocks away from my youngest daughter and her family, which includes a teenage daughter and a son born in July 2015. Here he is in a recent photograph.

As much as I loved my working life, this is way better.

I wish you a life as happy, healthy and satisfying as mine.