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It was one helluva ride, my 50 years in media.

In television, I was a station manager, writer, producer, program host, on-camera sports anchor and occasional fill-in news anchor and weatherman.

In print, I had a brief run as a syndicated columnist and was a newspaper writer and editor before that.

Radio was my first and most enduring love. I was VP/COO and one of four owners of a 10-station group (two stations in each of Nashville, Birmingham, Knoxville, Utica and Portland, Maine), and at various times was a general manager, program director, group program director, production manager, music director and, most often, a music show host. In the latter role, I got to ply my trade in great cities like New York (four years), Chicago (16 years), Toronto, Detroit, Seattle (5 years), St. Louis, Pittsburgh (4 years), Cleveland, Portland, Providence and Albany.


As you can imagine, that career and its demands left little time for family and any kind of personal life. I’m trying to make up for it now in retirement, giving greater time and attention to four grown children and five grandchildren. Quite purposely, I live in Canada, blocks away from my youngest daughter and her family, which includes a teenage daughter and a son born in July 2015. Here he is in a recent photograph.

As much as I loved my working life, this is way better.

I wish you a life as happy, healthy and satisfying as mine.

Just the FAQs

Entered November 5, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions about
The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac

Q: Why don’t you stick to music and pop culture instead of
including all that other historical stuff?
A: It provides context.

Q: How come your celebrity birthday listings aren’t confined to
actors and musicians?
A: TV & radio personalities, high-profile politicians, sports stars,
and leaders in various other fields are also celebrities.

Q: Why isn't this more youth-oriented, catering to young people?
A: Because everything else is! Youth is served here, just not first and foremost. More importantly, what's "mature" is not ignored.

Q: How come many of your music trivia questions seem really easy?
A: They’re not designed solely for the minority of those among us
who are trivia experts.

Q: Will we ever be able to access random dates?
A: Someday. Maybe.

Q: Are you making a ton o’ money from this site?
A: Nope.

Q: Why are some of the names in red?
A: It indicates they are Canadian.

Q: Why are some of the names in blue?
A: That indicates she’s the day’s Birthday Babe (unless she’s Canadian, then it’s in red).

Q: For the birthdays, why do you show only pictures of women?
A: It’s my site, and nothing gets my heart working overtime like the sight of a beautiful woman! And really, aren’t they all??

Thanks for visiting this site and my Almanac.

Entered June 23, 2011


Didja think I got lost?

Nah.  I’ve just been devoting most of my online time to The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac.  If you haven’t visited that site yet, there’s a link near the top of this page (right beneath where it says 'click the link below') that’ll take you there.

Not much new to report.  We got through winter and spring.  Those seasons were not as pleasant here this year as they’ve been in the past but I’m sure not gonna whine about it when so many have suffered through worse things like floods, wildfires and tornadoes.

We’re all in good health.  Soon the population of this house will be reduced by half as our daughter and her daughter leave us after four years to move into a place of their own.  Sure is gonna be quiet around here!

I still miss being on the air but the satisfaction derived from putting out the Almanac every day and seeing the steady growth in readership sorta makes up for it.

Hope all is well in your world.

Take care, and have a wonderful summer!